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About the Birding Guide

You need to note that an informed guide is the key to success of any prearranged bird watching safari and for the independent bird watchers with heavy expectations, also hiring a local guide is so vital since it increases the chances of seeing the less common and the local species, that contributes to the local economy and then brings about incentive for protecting the birds, these guides are chosen very carefully and on merit, these are personable, informed with very interesting academic and professional back ground and have got all types of skills of conducting a lengthy birding safari in a very professional way and also make sure that each and every individual get great time.

Some of our professional local birding guides have also grown up in their areas of guiding as they chase the birds as well as the small mammals as little kids. These have gone through cultural, birds, wildlife and the general safari guiding courses and also belong to some regional guides clubs. Within Rwanda and Uganda, the guides are members of Rwanda Birding Association, Uganda Bird Guides Club (UBGC), Uganda Cultural Guides club (UCGC) and the Uganda Safari Guides Association (USAGA) and this is the Umbrella association for all the guides in Uganda.

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About Responsible Bird watching

Our well informed birding guides speak English frequently and there is no question that they can’t answer. These will guide you on your trip, safari, and tour to all the birding spots that are included in the itinerary and will work to the best of their ability for each and every member get to see each birding spot. Their expertise also allows a leading you to the sought after species, leading to a fantastic adventure.

We accentuate quality bird watching safaris: the main aim of our guides is to show you the birds that are truly extraordinary and elusive; and these include; the endemics, the restricted range endangered, the threatened and the vulnerable.