Birding in Akagera National Park in Rwanda

The park also lies in Mubari Mogongo sub region and it’s located in north east of Rwanda alongside Uganda and Tanzania boarders. Its topography is branded by the rolling sand stone hills that are found in the west which are cut in places by deep and narrow valleys. The flood plains and the swamps are also found in the east, to the south, and there is the Buganza and the Gisaka sub region that is wetter. The northern part of the park is occupied by Mutara sub region that has got vegetation which is mostly dominated by the open grasslands in which are featured by the traditional pastoralism and the repeated bush fires.

The vegetation of this park is also described as the savannah ecosystems in the region and the open savannahs which are occupied by three main typical grasses that include; the themeda Triandra, Hyparrhenia Filipendula, and the Cymbopogon grasses. The park has also got acacia and the combretum occupy as well as over 250 tree species.

birds of rwanda

The national park also boosts a rich bird checklist of about 525 species that reflects a large diversity of habitants. It has also got over 44 species and some include; the shoebill stork, the papyrus ganolex, Palearctic migrants, the great snipe, the black winged and the lesser kestrel are also recorded. There are also the zambezi biome species that include; the long tailed cisticola, Sauza’s shrike, and the arnot’s chat. It also has 7 of the afro tropical higlands biome, the guinea Congo forest biome, and the 9 species of Lake Victoria basin biome. The national park has also got over 50 species of mammals like the elephants, lions, Rhinos and many more.

Therefore, above are some of the major birding species that are found in Rwanda, and many birders have moved to this country so that they can enjoy these different bird species.