Birding in Cyamudongo Forest

This is also the small relict forest that is situated in the far south west of Rwanda and it’s so close to the town of Nyakabuye jus next to the border of the DRC. It’s also connected to Nyungwe forest in the east and its vegetation is denser with few clearings. Also the main tree species here include; Newtonia, Gorungosanum, the Buchanani, chrysophyllum and leptonychia. The forest ha also got Rwanda’s red thinghed spparrow hawk and so many other Albertine rift forets like the Kungwe Apalis and the Ross’s Turaco. This forest also has 4 species of the Guinea Congo forest biome and it includes 8 of the 24 species of the albertine rift mountains and 33 of the 74 species of these afro tropical highlands biome that occur in Rwanda. The other wildlife species that are found here also include; the butterflies and the chimpanzees.

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