Birding in Nyungwe Forest National park

The national park is located in south west of Rwanda between the border of Rwanda and Lake Kivu. The park is also divided north- south by mountains that reach 2,600 -2900m which form part of the Congo- Nile water shed. It’s also composed of vegetation, water flow as well as the biodiversity. The park has also got over 250 tree species and also receives an average annual rain fall that ranges from 1,500 – 2500mm.

This national park is also a wonderful birding destination that lies with in Butare and also provides good roadside birding. There are also 275 species that have been recorded which shows the large habitant diversity as well as the altitudinal range. These also include; 25 species of the albertine rift, Rocketfellers’s sun bird as well as the chapin’s fly catcher. 11 of the 23 species of the Guinea Congo Forests biome and 71 species of the biome afro tropical highlands that are recorded on the site. The forest is also the most important forest for the conservation of the montane birds in Rwanda.

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Most of the bird species found here include; the masked mountain Aalis, yellow eyed fly catcher, the Neumann’s grauer’s warbles, the yellow eyed black fly catcher, the double collared, the Archer’s Robin chat, the strange weaver, the Rwenzori, blue headed, the red collared mountain babbler, the hand some francolin, Rockefeller’s sun bird, as well as the purple throated. The other wildlife species that are found here also include; the 13 primate species like the owl faced monkeys, chimpanzees, vervet monkeys, golden monkeys, and golden cats, leopards, olive baboons, greater bush baby, the Dwarf Galago and many more.