Birding in Volcanoes National park

This national park is also situated in the north west of Rwanda along the border of Uganda and the democratic Republic of Congo. This national park is adjoining with Mgahinga Gorilla National Park as well as the Virunga National was also gazetted in 1925 as a small area that was surrounded by Mikeno Karisimbi and Visoke. The main aim was to protect the mountain gorillas from the poachers. This was also the first national park to be created in Africa and has got 8 pleistocene volcanic peaks that form part of the water shed that is between Congo River systems and the Nile.

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The vegetation here varies with the altitude and the park is covered with bamboo and the other parts are covered with montane bogs. The other types of vegetation that is found with in the park also include; subalpine, the bush land, afro alpine vegetation of both the thicket grassland as well as heath. The national park is also well known for mountain gorillas and is also famous for the primatologist who cared a lot for the mountain gorillas, Dian fossey and also set up the Karisoke Research Centre, but was later killed by the poachers in 1985, even though her work is still carried on by Rwanda Development Board.


This national park has also got a rich avifauna with over 178 species and 13 species and 6 sub species that are endemic to Ruwenzori and Virunga mountains. There are also three globally threatened species including; the Lagden’s Bush Shrike, the African green Broadbill as well as the Kivu ground Thrush. More so, 17 of the 25 albertine rift mountain endemic birds as well as the 52 species of the afro tropical highlands biome can also be found with in Volcanoes national park. The main bird species that are found here include; collared apalis, Ruwenzori Turaco, the sun bird, Rwenzori batis, rwenzori double collared, the dusty crimson wing, the red faced woodland, archer’s ground Robin, the Francolins, and the black fronted duiker as well as the francolins.