Where To Go Birding in Rwanda

The Vital birding Spots in Rwanda

There are also no species that are endemic to Rwanda but the montane forests as well as the related habitants hold over 25 of the 37 species of the albertine Rift Endemic bird Area (EBA). More so, the red faced Barbet Lybius rubrifacies are also limited range species whose distribution also defines the dry woodlands west of Lake Victoria secondary EBA.

There is also an element of the Guinea- Congo forests biome that occurs at the lowers altitudes with in the forests in the west with only 23 species of the biome and are known from Rwanda. The only of the country falls within the Lake Victoria basin biome and over 11 of the 12 species. This montane forests of the Congo- Nile watershed that holds at least 74 species of the afro tropical highlands biome.

where to go birding Rwanda

The seven vital birding areas that have been recognized by Bird life International and they include;

  • The Akagera National Park
  • The Akanyaru wetlands
  • The Cyamudongo Forest
  • Nyungwe Forest
  • The Nyabarongo wetlands.
  • Rugezi Marsh
  • Volcans National park