The Rugezi Marsh Birding Rwanda

This is situated in a valley in the north side of Rwanda and its east of Lake Burera along Uganda boarder. Its vegetation is conquered by the Miscanthidum violaceum around the fringes and a place of the papyrus which is near the point of the out flow. The average rainfall that is received is over 1200mm. the place has got only three species of birds including; the papyrus Gonolex, the lesser swamp warbler, and the Grauer’s Rush Warbler. The area has also got 1 species of afro tropical biome, 6 of 11 species of Lake Victoria basin biome, 1 of the 25 species of the albertine Rift Mountains that are endemic to the area. These species of the birds that have been recorded at Rugezi Marsh.

rugezi marsh birding rwanda